Over 30lbs so far~ Mark Battersby

Ron is an extremely knowledgeable instructor. I have Crohn’s Disease and he has taken the time to talk with medical professionals to ensure that the advice he is giving me is sound. He has taken the time to ensure I choose the right supplements so I do not cause undo stress to my intestines. Most trainers are about making money, Ron is about making people healthy. – Adam Ebner, Covington, WA

I am a rank beginner, and was a little concerned it would be too hard, but Ron is very patient, and is good at helping me to believe I can do what needs to be done to meet my goals and be healthier, safely. – Carla Ritchie, Auburn, WA


Good Body

Maybe the fact I was turning 41 this year made the difference, or that I have a one yr old niece to play with and wanted to keep up. But I needed help. As I worked with Ron and the weeks progressed, he added new and challenging things to my program like the strength machine. Ron provides a comfortable, private and well-equipped home gym/studio. He provide personal fitness training, weight loss guidance and nutrition counseling. Now when people say to me ‘you look great’ (I’ve lost over 20 pounds), I tell them how it happened… I would recommend Ron and Get Phycially FIt to anyone!”

Jamell Love in Federal Way, WA


Ron Rocks

I am an aging athlete and as Ron has noted, an overtrainer. I love pushing in the gym and outside. But as a result I struggle with injuries – due to overuse and other self inflicted injuries. I also am struggling with adjusting to an aging metabolism. Ron pushes me. I LOVE being strong .. and when Ron pushes me I love the feeling that I can respond with “bring it!” And on the days I can’t … well, he is the definition of supportive while being tough. With Ron’s expertise and support I have full belief I can reach my goals. Even at my age. Even with my injuries!!

Susan Kennedy in Federal Way, WA
Highly Recommended!!

Ron is awesome! Bootcamp was challenging and fun! I would highly recommend him/his services to anyone!

Beth in Seattle, WA

At my age (xx) everything either hurts or takes a gazillion years to get back to normal. It is also a challenge to make the time just to get started & then to keep it up. The best qualities about Ron is his infectious interest in yourself, his enthusiasm, his follow through, and his precise listening skills. Knowing what my goals are paired with what my body status is currently with relation to injuries (persent & past) makes Ron an excellent trainer. Not to mention, you know when you hit the “target” as that is the area that you will feel most the next day! Ron never forgets about you either. He will ask how you are doing and help you to focus on goals. Ron is simply an excellent trainer!!

Rita Hanson Braly in Seattle, WA
Ron is awesome!

Ron is a pure professional, whom I now consider a friend. Ron genuinely cares for his clients. He is not just a great trainer, but a great person. I found Ron while looking for a trainer online and couldn’t have been happier. He will take his time with you and make your goals his. He is knowledgeable on all sorts of excercises and sports. He is also very low pressure and reasonable and will meet you! You can’t loose with Ron!

LeeAnn Rabel in Amarillo, TX
Love the products Ron has!

Ron is very knowledgeable about the Advocare products he shares with his personal training clients. He walks the talk and uses them to achieve results for himself and his clients. I’m an Advisor now with Advocare and earning extra money each month. I would definitely go to him to learn how to get results with your physical fitness and weight loss!

Jessica Patterson  in Bellevue, WA
Ron is a great trainer. And all-around great guy.

I was a competitive gymnast as a kid – in the gym 5 hrs a day, 5 days a week. So I was always fit and strong until the typical weight gain in college followed by yo-yo diets as an adult. I have spurts of good fitness habits – but wanted to make a more lasting lifestyle change, so I decided to invest in it. The first trainer I found was nice, but unreliable. Then I met Ron. I admit I was a bit intimidated to know he was a marine (buff and disciplined). But he was nothing but super nice, professional and willing to work with you at whatever stage of fitness you are today… and help you get to where YOU want to go. He has tons of knowledge and access to great products to assist you in meeting your goals – but he doesn’t push any of it on you. He works with any equipment you may have in your home – to help you make the most of your environment and make it as easy as possible to succeed. He pushes you as much as he applauds your efforts. It all feels great! Thanks Ron!!

by Anonymous
Finally someone that took the time to listen and understand my fitness goals!

I know a lot of mountain climbers rarely take on personal trainers because most “fitness” people don’t take the time to understand what happens to climbers when they climb and that a “normal” fitness routine or diet generally wont work. I went thought lots of trainers before and quit them all for that reason. I don’t know how else to emphasize to people that tell me things that I have issues or questions with the importance of my decisions down here and up on a mountain. For me yeah its a hobby, but if I mess it up, its not like I just loose a show or a race, it could literally seriously injure me or worst case, cost me my life. So my questions and need to rehabilitate and train my injured back were very important to me, so I can get back out there and enjoy the mountains! You sir have been the first one to adapt my workouts to where my back injury was and to what my fitness goal was (with climbing), and you listen to what I have to say. I don’t know how to thank you enough!

Kim in Kent, WA
Over 30lbs so far~

Well Im pretty excited to say I’m UNDER 100 kgs (99.7 actually)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mid October 2008 the scales read an ugly 114.5kgs (252.4 lbs). I’d had enough, and decided to contact a personal trainer. Ron Lashley was highly recommended to me, so I made the call. In some ways it
was hard to admit I couldn’t lose the weight by myself, and that I needed
someones help.

Ron introduced me to Advocare supplements (AdvoWhat??)
and I started taking their weight lose products on the 17th of October 2008.

To date I have lost 14.8kgs (32.6lbs for our American friends). Don’t get
me wrong, I haven’t been the perfect students during those 4 months. I’ve
been naughty at Thanksgiving, pre Christmas parties, Christmas Day, road
trip to Disneyland, New Years Eve, Buffets in Vegas and my birthday.

Yet despite all of these “breaks in my diet” I still managed these results.

Thank you Mr Hardcore!!!!!!

Mark Battersby in Kent, WA

Ron is a great encouragement who really taught my husband and I a lot about whole healthyness; not just how to get strong or lose weight, but also how to encourage old injuries to completely heal and how to take care of vulnerable backs, knees and other joints. He has the knowledge and the enthusiasm to motivate even the very grumpy!

Highly recommend his services.

John and Gretchen in Federal Way, WA

Well worth it

I have been working with ron for 6 weeks. I had a lot of work to do… in the six weeks i have lost 5 sizes!! now of course there was a lot of work on my part, but he was the one to really show me how to take ownership of my physical well-being. He provided me with the tools, the pep talks, the hard-core “give me three more” . I have reccom. ron to several people and will continue to do so.

Lashanna in Seattle, WA
You Can’t Go Wrong!

Ron is a wonderful person to work with, as dedicated to your success as you are, highly motivated, he has a way about him that gets you just as psyched to meet your own goals, and will help you every step of the way. I would highly recommend him!

Angel’s Affordable Web Design in Walsenburg, CO
If I could take him with me I would!!

When I decided to apply for Navy Officer Candidate School, it had been at least three years since I had last worked out… at all!! Luckily I found Ron and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. He wasn’t one of those trainers that just put in his hour and then took off to see the next client. He covers the whole nine yards, from nutrition to muscle confusion to tea tree oil when you are sick 🙂 I never felt rushed and I lost 10 lbs of fat and put on 9 lbs of muscle in the first month!! He is the best, and if I could take him to boot camp with me I would!

Jacquie Colwell in Seattle, WA
The Best Ever

Ron has helped me meet my goal. He has taught me instead of just telling me. Even though its hard sometimes, he somehow pushes me to my fullest. I can honestly say that hes more than just a trainer, he’s a friend.

Kirsten in Seattle, WA
The one and only….

He listens, ask questions and reviews with you everything to make sure both of you are on the same page. Ron has a patient, yet challenging nature which helps you reach your goals. He understands….. you can’t ask for anything better.

Nicole M
Get Physically Fit LLC help to shape my life!

I wish to thank Ron L of Get Physically Fit for his enthusiasm and spirit for seeing change in me even when I couldn’t see it in myself. For most people that have been dealing with weight issues for a long time, it is hard to get out of certain mindsets without the assistance from a professional. Ron took the time to help me to structure my meals and exercise for the day as well as helping me to structure my thoughts about what I was trying to accomplish. It’s not just about losing weight, it’s about changing your life! I highly recommend Ron L. at Get Physically Fit, LLC.

Kim Duncan in Raritan, NJ
Professionalism at it’s very best

A pleasure to work with. Ron Lashley from Get Physically Fit will exceed your expectations and get you great results every time.

HardCore Fitness Studio in Bellevue, WA

Expert Trainer with Professional Equipment

I used to track my gain goals by looking at the weight scale. Ron was able to track my body fat percentage, loss/gain of muscle, loss/gain of fat weight, and much more! I now not only see that I gained 7 pounds, but that I gained 9 pounds of muscle and lost 2 pounds of fat! He’s a great trainer, too! Ron got me motivated to get fit and was positive with me the whole time.

David Baldwin in Renton, WA
Get Cut

I have been working out with Ron Lashley with Get Physically Fit and he is awesome. He pushes you to the max and finds ways to help you reach your goals. He not only trains you but also recommends dietary supplements and gives you statistics on your bodies fitness level. I’ve been really impressed with him. I’ve only been working out with him for about two weeks but already notice a difference.

John Lindow in Seattle, WA

Personal Trainer

Ron was great to work with. Exercise has never been “my thing” and he made it worthwhile for me. He showed me what to do, what equipment to use, how to use the equipment. He was patience yet stern and pushed me to do things I didn’t think I could do.

Tandra Schwamberg in Bothell, WA
Get up an move!!

I have worked with Ron for 4 months, working with him twice a week. He is the best trainer I’ve ever had. He motivates you in a positive way so that you never lose sight of your goal. He wants to see results as much as you and won’t let you give up, even when you really want to. Ron is more than a trainer because he puts his heart into working with his clients and brings training to a personal level. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for not just a trainer but a trainer who will truly motivate you to get the results you want.

Roxy Sturgeon in Federal Way, WA

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