As part of Mario P.I.T. training three days a week, we regimented his supplement intake for maximum results in the P.I.T. and outside of the P.I.T. for maximum recovery time. Mario was able to drop over 10lbs in two weeks.
See what AdvoCare products Mario used while training

“AdvoCare has unobtrusively helped me model a great life enhancement plan. Before AdvoCare there was a level of self neglect apparent in my life. The AdvoCare products that I have used allowed my body to get all the nutrients it needed and started to curb a lot of my impulsive diet behavior. Loss of body fat was just one side effect. I’m still on my journey and along the way I’ve wasted my time and money trying different methods and products but with AdvoCare I believe I’m done searching.”

Mario A

Mario’s Favorite Products:

Along with Spark

AdvoCare® Muscle Fuel

Pre-Workout Supplement


Nighttime Recovery

Amino Acid and Herbal


Post-Workout Recovery

Sports Drink

Arginine Extreme

Multinutrient Supplement



Amino Acid Supplement*


Vitamin and Herbal Dietary



Herbal Dietary Supplement

MNS® Max 3

A comprehensive weight-loss


Meal Replacement Shake

Nutritious Meal On The Go


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