Keeping Muscles Pliable

There a lot of great products on the market that help to keep your myofacial tissue from knotting as well as improve your recovery time as well as flexibility. Trust me I know this for a fact first hand. For years I suffered from scapula myo knots and other forms of inflammation in my upper back and neck area. But this this convo I’ll stick to on type of self massage technique.

Having a well educated LMP (if can find an ART one even better) is still my go to and if i could, I would have a massage a day. But reality dictates my need (like many) for self tissue manipulation. Keep in mind for preventative maintenance its very important to stretch before a workout, after a workout, before you go to bed and when you get up in the morning. Stretch Stretch and more Stretching. Even if your not doing a workout regimine the benefits of daily stretching is key to healthy aging.

Next step is finding the right tools for the trade. One company that makes such products is Trigger Point. If you have tight IT bands, kiss them goodbye with the Grid Roller. Mine were so tight using them at first seriously made me feel like a wuss. LOL To get into those hard to reach spaces in your back, glutes, triceps, etc forget the tennis balls give their Massage Balls a try they apply just the right amount of pressure and give to be very effective. Trigger point is a brand utilized by athletes all over for its effectiveness and durability and it has helped to keep this aging body age in a healthy fashion. At almost 50 with a 1 and a 3-year-old to keep up with, I need all the help I can get.

Trigger point has an assortment of tools to help ease those aching muscles and so much more. They also provide how-to videos to help you help yourself.

Move Better with Trigger Point.

My Favorite I’m not kidding you, this gets the Job done…

Exercising From Home – Jump Ropes

Jump Rope

Exercising from Home – Jump Ropes

Why? Seven minutes of advance jump rope is equivalent of 20 to 30 minutes of Jogging depending on the intensity of how your jump rope. . How’s that for getting it done quick and warming the body up for a nice full body workout? Or just building up your cardio in general with limited time or wanting to limit exposure during this time of COVID pandemic.

But before we get all Rocky around the house and neighborhood, there are several types of jump ropes to consider based on your need.

Leather Jump Rope – My go to when starting a new client. Not because of the nostalgia but more so for the functionality and its ability to be utilized for beginners to advance users. And lets face it, if I was going to a client how has hardwood floors as there workout environment in the dead of winter, I wanted them to be focused on other things rather than there floor being damaged. One that I like a lot is the RDX Adjustable.

Sturdy, long lasting as well as quite a Leather JR  is a piece of equipment that will last the test of time.

Basic JR – I utilized these to teach clients who never jumped rope before or lacked the agility and coordination (as of yet) for what was to come in our regimen. Made mainly of plastic with rubber handles to help clients improve their grip, you’ll find them more cost effective then Leather JR but you get what you pay for.  I prefer light beaded jump ropes as they tend to last longer and hey add some color to your exercise routine. So many to choose from.

Beaded Jump Ropes

Speed JR – Thinner then your Basic JR, Speed JR can be very unforgiving as you ramp up your abilities. Look for ones that have ball bearing in them (which is most) that give you a tangle free experience. Make sure you matriculate yourself through Basic and or Leather before advancing to a speed rope. You might even want to try a weighted JR depending on your goals.  I will be posting some routines later with speed rope jumping that I’ve utilized to help increase my clients cardio endurance, coordination and agility. Here is one that I prefer to utilize Degol Skipping Speed Rope

Weighted Jump Rope – interested in burning more calories develop more muscle groups like your upper body while jumping rope like your core, shoulders, back and arms)? Then a Weighted JR may be for you. You experience slower rotations (which is a benefit to beginners) as well as developing your upper body as mentioned before. Weighted JR (also known as Heavy JR)  all around excellent for increasing strength (muscle and cardio) as well as burning more calories in a condensed time.  I love R.O.M. that engage multiple body parts while increasing cardio as it fits the profile when engaging full body activities.

Weighted Jump Ropes

You also have the option of Battle JR.

This is when your ready to go BEAST MODE on your jump rope routine and then add a vest to really get the heard pounding.  I’ll go more into Battle Ropes in a later write up as well which is another awesome full body workout technique. So much to share 😊 All in all jumping rope daily for a fixed and varied amount of time (H.I.I. T) depending on which type of rope your utilizing and your goals, will greatly benefit improving your strength, burning calories and increasing your cardiovascular capabilities without traveling miles when you have limited time.