HCG Miracle Weight Loss Or False Prophet

The “Medical Industry” (not all but a large portion of it) does not cure. They arrest symptoms and in most cases mask the issue. They don’t treat the cause. Granted it varies from case to case but when you’re morbidly obese from eating, THAT is an Addiction. Getting Lap Band or Gastric Bypass only makes you trade one addiction for another.
So now we have another false Prophet amongst us with its mentally and physically starved delusional followers spreading its tainted gospel. People, you’re sprinting in the desert dehydrated towards and Oasis, diving head long into fresh water that is a Mirage. All the while back stroking in sand, starving, with a smile singing Cumbya.


HCG Myth or Miracle

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) pregnancy hormone that is now available in synthetic form coming to a store near you. You can inject, take as a pill or powder in conjunction with starving yourself by only consuming between 500 to 800 calories a day AND its being hailed by many as the weight loss solution we have been looking for?
We who? The disillusioned, those not wanting to work-out, eat healthy and take the fast route to losing weight? Oh those people a.k.a. The Lazy. Gentleman, WHY would you want to take a hormone that is found in pregnant women? Do you not recall what your wife, sister, girlfriend, aunt, mother, cousin went through while being pregnant?   IF you grow man boobs and start lactating (highly improbable) you have no one to blame but yourself. HCG in pregnant women does effectively activate the metabolism to put it into fat seeking mode but for the purpose of caring for the fetus. Gentlemen you have a fetus?  Ladies, seriously this is what you want to do to your bodies?

Is it HCG or the fact that you are Starving yourself that makes you lose weight?

All you need is a caloric deficit of 3.5k a week per pound of weight loss. Do the math people. Just looking at the pure principal of weight loss, if I put a client on a starvation diet (which I never would) and give you something to trick you to think you were not hungry, you too would lose weight in a matter of days. What else is the body going to feed on if you’re starving it of food but FAT?
Maybe I should market a technique of locking my clients in a closet for weeks and only give them two table spoons of tuna and some water like the Chilean miners survived on for days.  How much would you pay for that miracle weight loss approach?
Lets back up for a second outside of the humor of future fetus carrying lactating men..  
  1. HCG is not even approved by the FDA for weight loss so how can it be that Dr.’s, ethically are prescribing it for that purpose?
  2. FTC ordered Dr. Simeon (now deceased founder of this weight insanity program – wonder how he passed.. Nah not that curious) to stop making claims that HCG was safe, effective and or approved by the FDA in their application of it back in the ’70’s
  3. The Journal of the American Medical Association along with the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition warned that HCG is neither safe nor effective as a weight-loss aid and showed no significant difference between placebo group and those using HCG.
Your body was made to preserve itself for as long as it can even if it means cannibalizing itself. The longer you go without a certain amount of calories your body lowers its metabolism to slow down/ compensate for the lack of caloric intake. So, the longer you go without food the less hunger you feel as well. But these tricky buggers have a solution for so you won’t feel hungry. OH GREAT.
Is this similar to at first administering a calming then numbing agent before the lethal injection? Maybe not as severe! Or is it?
HCG is produced by some tumors and is one of its calling cards (marker of certain tumors). Have you seen the eating plan or starvation plan? Think back to the concentration camp survivors “eating plan” and recall what they looked like. Fifty percent of long lasting effective weight management comes from healthy dietary (not diet) eating habits. A cup of coffee is NOT breakfast. When you don’t feed your body the first hour of waking, we are talking a significant drop in your metabolism.

HCG weight loss administrators, in its attempt to cover its rear,  disclaimer regarding the STRONG possibility of regaining some if not all the weight lost, loosely addresses the need to have all HCG out of your system prior to returning to your “normal eating habits”.

 HELLO McFly, wasn’t your “normal eating habits what got you in this situation in the first place?

With your body use to only burning 500 to 800 calories a day what is it going to do with a normal caloric intake of food? Guess what happens to all those excess calories your going to consume through your “normal eating habits”. Can we say “back to square one”.

When will we learn, cheating is cheating. I WILL SAY IT AGAIN! Effective long lasting weight management will only come proper dietary (not dieting) eating habits, supplements to fill in the gaps and proper exercising as a LIFE STYLE!

If you want to lose weight for good the right way get with a wellness professional who adheres to the basic elemetns of wellness which are healthy dietary eating habits, supplementation to fill in the gaps and exercise.

Try our 24 Day Challenge Program as an example of a gateway solution to get you on the right path.

Ron Lashley, Jr.
Wellness Coach

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