Fifty Percent of your goals are based on balancing your macronutrients. Fuel your body with what it needs. Knowing your Blood type defines what you should and should not put in your body.


Eating Right for your Blood Type will improve your body’s response to daily stress, reduce inflammation, help improve your focus, wellbeing, enhance your physical activities. D’Adamo has been at the forefront of this research picking up the mantle from his father. It has made an enormous difference in the outcomes of my clients for well over a decade. Click on the video related to your blood type below.


Blood Type O

Blood Type A

Blood Type B

Blood Type AB

If you don’t know your blood type and can donate blood, the best and free way to find out what your blood type is, will be to go and donate blood at your local Blood Bank.


If that option is off the table for you, you may order a home blood type kit from us. Once received, and with a simple prick of the finger and dab onto a card, you”ll know what your blood type is. Once you know what it is, contact us, and we will get you’re your blood type-specific book, which will be included with the cost of the blood type kit.


If you know your blood type, watch your blood type related video. Then, goto your Google Play or Apple Store and download the Official Blood Type Diet App and order your blood type-specific book from us.


Personalized nutrition just got easier.

Official Blood Type Diet App
  • Keep your Blood Type Diet food lists at your fingertips
  • Create a Family Food List for the entire family
  • Learn the basics about Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s Eat Right 4 Your Type

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