Low Iron?

Iron Deficient

Get your body back into better functional nutrient absorption instead of bombarding your system with mega doses of prescribed Iron that does not address the issue of what is scavenging your iron resources or inhibiting iron uptake.

“What factors influence the absorption of iron?

Several factors influence the bioavailability and absorption of iron from dietary supplements and foods. The form of iron in dietary supplements is important, and AdvoCare® uses highly bioavailable forms such as an amino acid chelate and fumarate. Common dietary sources of iron include vegetables, dairy products, meat, poultry and fish. Only about 10% of iron in the diet is absorbed.

Dietary inhibitors of iron absorption include grains, legumes, rice, calcium, soy protein, tea and coffee.
Enhancers of iron absorption include vitamin C, meat, fish and poultry. ” AdvoCare FAQ’s

Here are some suggestions that  may help you improve your Iron absorption

  1. Herbal Cleanse
  2. Reduce or stop drinking green & black tea, carbonated beverages caffeine . It inhibits the absorption of iron in an already compromised system
  3. Cook with either onions or garlic (or both)
    • increases not only iron but zinc absorption from rice or beans
    • Also allows  nutrient mineral absorption of legumes and grains by unbinding them (phytates and phytakes )
  4. You may already have low stomach acids so lay off antacids this also means stop eating foods that cause you to have to have antacids
  5. If your an  A Blood Type, you will have lower stomach acid then other blood types. Low stomach acids is also an issue with absorption of whole grains and leafy vegetables and some fruits that contain phytates and phytakes.
  6. Reduce High value foods with non soluble fibers
  7. Eat more Citrus type foods
  8. Iron inhibiting foods should not be taken at the same time as Iron.

Phytates do have benefits and this is not to mean not to eat them.  But soaking them in water and cooking them will help to reduce the Phytic acid in them when your Iron deficient.Get your iron levels in normal range and re introduce foods back into your system once it is working right.

Food sources of Phytic Acid[17]
Food [% minimum dry] [% maximum dry]
Sesame seeds flour 5.36 5.36
Brazilnuts 1.97 6.34
Almonds 1.35 3.22
Tofu 1.46 2.90
Linseed 2.15 2.78
Oat Meal 0.89 2.40
Beans, pinto 2.38 2.38
Soy protein concentrate 1.24 2.17
Soybeans 1.00 2.22
Corn 0.75 2.22
Peanuts 1.05 1.76
Wheat flour 0.25 1.37
Wheat 0.39 1.35
Soy beverage 1.24 1.24
Oat 0.42 1.16
Wheat germ 0.08 1.14
Whole wheat bread 0.43 1.05
Brown rice 0.84 0.99
Polished rice 0.14 0.60
Chickpeas 0.56 0.56
Lentils 0.44 0.50

list provided by Wiki

For best absorption of iron, take Vitamin C. Vitamin C is the best-known enhancer of iron absorption. Since calcium inhibits iron absorption, Calcium tablets should be taken two hours apart from iron-containing products.

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