Persistent Organic Pollutants

Some time back Seattle Times posted a news article with a title of “Could losing weight pose health risks?” I didn’t have a chance to address this at the time so I’m doing so now.

According to this article, based on POP’s (Persistent Organic Pollutants)  released into ones bloodstream during weight loss may increase the risk of a variety of illnesses such as ISD, dementia, diabetes & cancer.

I’m not medical doctor so I went ahead and did some research and started asking questions about POP’s and these “side effects” of losing weight and getting healthy.

Well first off, the article doesn’t address how people are losing weight, it just touches upon losing weight and possible long term effects of doing so. It doesn’t even address how to  get POP’s out of your system. Talk about a one sided approach to scare the hell out of people to stay unhealthy and overweight.

Do I really know to weight the pro’s and cons of losing weight vs remaining overweight? If I do then you shouldn’t be reading my blogs…

I point this out because there is a HUGE difference in losing weight through dieting, radical cleanses and odd weight loss wonder drugs,  i.e. the HCG way . Then there is the right way  that one loses weight in a healthy fashion by eating healthy (lifestyle habits)  while introducing antioxidants into the system to combat free radicals, and living a healthy lifestyle that through exercising and nutrient density.

How POP’s work in a nut shell.  POP’s can be stored in the boy’s adipose so the more fat you have the more POP you can store as your exposed to it. As you lose weight POP’s are released into the blood stream as your body uses the fat for energy.

Now, according to the article and research, levels of POP where higher in those who lost weight then those who gained weight according to a report in the International Journal of Obesity.

HOLD THE PRESS. UHM  Lets walk this through in logical steps.

If you’re “Gaining Weight” you’re allotting more room for the POP storage through your exposure (the more weight you gain the more room for POP storage). So wouldn’t your levels reflect a low initial level of POP’s the thinner you are prior to gaining weight and being exposed to POP’s with more body fat for storage?


If you’re already overweight and losing weight you’re reducing the storage space for POP’s and releasing it into your blood stream elevating those levels in your blood stream. SO YEAH you would have higher levels.


If your still being exposed to more POP,  wouldn’t you have higher levels of it in your blood stream unless you “Reduced Your Exposure” (HOW ABOUT THAT FOR A SOLUTION) or found a way of getting the POP out of your Blood ? Or am I thinking out of the box?

One of the many ways POP’s have/were/are introduced into our system are through pesticides. Persistent Organic Pollutants people. This is something through our environment we are exposed to daily.

Let’s focus on the root of the problem to resolve the issue instead of the nonsense being put out in the press scaring us to thinking “well I’m overweight, might as well stay that way instead of risk getting sick”.. Wow..

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