Target Your Heart Rate – Zone Training

Your Target Heart Rate

The SmartHRM Fitness app and other apps that support the SmartHRM Heart Rate Monitor calculate your target heart rate zones based on your age and your maximum heart rate. While you exercise, the app displays your heart rate and a color zone bar and may also vibrate to let you know when you are “in the zone”. The standard formula for calculating your maximum heart rate is: 220 – Your Age.There are four zones you can work in:Warm-up/Cool down: 50-60% of your max. This is a good zone to stay in if you are new to exercise or are recovering from an injury. Always start and end an exercise session in this zone.Weight Loss: 60-75% of your max. If you’re in this zone, your expending enough energy to create a calorie deficit and to burn more fat than muscle.Aerobic: 75-85% of your max. In this zone, you’re getting a good cardio workout, exercising both heart and lungs. Ideal for improving fitness.Atheletic: 85-100%. This zone is for those who are in great athletic shape. Even experienced runners and exercisers should vary the intensity of their workout and hit their peak for short bursts (e.g. sprinting) or under the advice of a health or fitness trainer.

Heart Rate Zones

SmartHRM Fitness App

Instant Feedback Keeps You Motivated. The SmartHRM Heart Rate Monitor is designed to work with popular fitness apps that display:

  • your route (using the built-in GPS on your phone)
  • calories burned
  • distance and pace
  • your heart rate and zone

Free SmartHRM Fitness app for Android phones from Smart Health and Fitness.Displays your heart rate in real-time while using the SmartHRM Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor. Enter your age, view your target heart rate zones and choose the zone you want to work in: Weight-Loss, Aerobic, Athletic.

SportyPal offers targeted zone training, additional features, like altitude. It works with the SmartHRM Bluetooth Monitor (available now) and the iPhone version (available for pre-order). In addition to tracking your workout on SportyPal, you can also upload the data automatically to the SportyPal Website and take advantage of SportyPal’s long-term tracking tools.Other Apps: JogTracker, JogTracker Pro, and Jogger. For Android apps, visit the Android Marketplace from your phone.SmartHRM MonitorBluetooth Heart Rate on your Android phone

Monitor worn across chest reads your heart rate while you run, hike, cycle -Bluetooth wireless upload to phone & Web dashboard -Track fitness activity online -Works with popular fitness apps & SmartHRM Fitness apps

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